Longest starcraft game

longest starcraft game

Just out of curiosity, what is the longest professional StarCraft game ever? The longest I've seen are around minutes, like Reach vs  Zhugeliang replays, longest game and soo. There are many ways to win a StarCraft II match. Countless tactics, schemes, and ways of naming each of your beautiful baby zerglings that you. Make sure to subscribe for more great gaming content. ▷ Subscribe | http://www. fotobild04.de.

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Firecake vs. Mana - Longest Game in Professional Starcraft 2 History? - WCS Challenger - Group G Shine vs Canata on Carthage 2. So I don't know if we should count it. This is novo tricks archived post. Jookto in IPL TAC2 Mouz vs. And let's relive the last superlenny free bet minutes of it from Day9 and MrBitter's pov. I think terran had a chance to win with yamato, pdd and a lot of patience, but I guess after 7 hours it was http://www.diakonie-koeln.de/. Exchange spielen rtl Boxer Rain game was a pretty standard TvT play lotto online the time complete with late game Raven, BC, Viking wars and poker dealer werden completely mined out https://www.yellowpages.com/coos-bay-or/gambling-addiction-information. Hopefully Blizzard takes this as a sign they should do some serious balance tweaking to avoid such profoundly snooze-worthy outcomes. It was really idiotic. Do your research, find out that Lilekanin is the sort of player who makes every game a 2h slug fest, and try and find a way to all-in, or try something else. STARCRAFT HISTORY IN THE MAKING http: Might be the longest pro game but certainly not the longest SC2 game. Huk, a Canadian professional gamer, imagined a horrific turn to an already scary night.

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Strat Update Beginner looking for some advice with protoss [Question] Contemporary Zerg Build Orders. The LotV Protoss Help Me Thread The LotV Terran Help Me Thread [G] ZvT 3 Roach Opener Version [G] TheCore - Advanced Keyboard Layout [G] ZvT Ling Bane Hydra. I can't really remember.. That was Day9 Daily , and the game was 1: Have something to say? Although not a professional game, Ein vs 10x on the Chinese ladder lasted 7: Log in to join the conversation. A long match is all well and good, but a long, boring match? Danish player Steffen "Lillekanin" Hovmand opened his match against Finnish Zerg player Wenlei "ZhuGeLiang" Dai with a massive stall out. Hearthstone Dota2 Business CoD Culture FGC Gears Halo About Privacy. Because I can't caps lock on top of caps locked comments. Congratulations to the winner of the third quarterfinals match of GSL vs the World! Submit a new text post. Imagine a internet disconnect. It was truly ridiculous. Worn Out Welcome Chain of Ascension You won't be able to vote or comment. Congratulations to the winner of the first quarterfinals match of GSL vs the World! Guess that means I've got something to do tonight There is a certain level of trust, I agree. This, however, is probably not a strategy you should ever employ. Top players and their …. Submit sports betting online paypal new link. You may also like. Log in to join the conversation. Abjurer Profile Blog Joined April Free casino games for cash risk the integrity of the entire competition.

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